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Bringing clarity to your business, market and customer

The Marketing Sense Brand Statement

Sick of wasting time and money on your marketing?

Are you doing all the things but not seeing the sales?

Struggling to make your marketing actually work?

Stressed out trying to find the right customers?

You need the Marketing Sense Brand Statement.

You already know marketing is a critical part of your business success, but you just don’t know how to make it work for you in this ever-changing marketplace.

You need to better understand your business, your offering, your audience and your competitors. (Easier said than done right?)

Then you can start targeting the right people, the right way and grow your business with confidence, clarity and cost-effectively.

By using the Marketing Sense Brand Statement Template, your marketing dollars will go further – boosting sales and putting more cash in the bank.

What is a Brand Statement?

A Brand Statement is a couple of lines that communicates how your product or service is the right one for your client.

How will a Brand Statement help me?

A Brand Statement helps you get clear. And with clarity comes cash flow!

If you are clear on what problem you solve and who you solve it for, you’ll make smarter business decisions and target your market easier.

The Marketing Sense Brand Statement will help you clarify everything about your business, your market and customer. It will also help you:

Stay focused

Set effective goals

Create meaningful communications

Position your business for success

Are you ready to save time and money on your marketing PLUS increase your bank balance?

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Who is Marketing Sense?

Hi! I’m Sara and I started my business Marketing Sense in 2012 with the sole purpose of helping small businesses to grow, by developing their marketing capability. I started my career in marketing in 1992! Yes, I have been doing this for a long time – I love it! I get a real sense of accomplishment seeing people grow and flourish and gain the confidence to reach their goals on their own terms.

My passion for business began from an early age, with my parents building up their businesses during my childhood, it was a large part of family life and still is today. I love solving business problems using evidence and insight to work through the roadblocks with my clients to help them to achieve profitable growth – it’s what I do, all day every day!

I live in Thirroul, a beautiful seaside village just south of Sydney, in a hundred year old cottage, I love old homes – as well as having a commerce degree I also did a history degree (when my kids were pre-schoolers) and heritage preservation is a side passion of mine!

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