Marketing Coaching

An individual marketing coaching program to drive real results for your business

Growing a business can be hard and doing it alone can be daunting. One day you are on top of the world, the next you are a basket case wondering why you started this entrepreneurship gig. The latter tends to occur because you are lacking the time or opportunity to develop the expertise in growing your business and its frustrating!

Well that ends now!

Our affordable coaching packages are designed to help you create a marketing system that works for you, to overcome your sales and marketing challenges to confidently manage your marketing.

Grow your own marketing expertise

The Marketing Sense coaching approach is focused on partnering together to build your marketing capability. Our goal is to share our extensive knowledge and skills about the marketing planning process with you, so that you can grow your own expertise along the way.

Every aspect of our value packed, affordable coaching is focused on achieving strong meaningful results for your business and transferring our marketing knowledge is a key part of this.

Marketing Sense Coaching will help you to:

Grow your own marketing expertise

Sessions are via skype or zoom.

1 hour

AUD$149 +GST

Want to get clear on your next steps and the confidence to move ahead with your marketing and business growth?

With some one-on-one time with me, together we can get down to the business of attracting more customers, creating a strong brand and building your marketing capability.

Let’s get this done because with clarity comes clients and with clients comes cash!

6 hours

AUD$660 +GST

Need help working through a deeper business challenge?

Individual coaching tailored to your needs to help give you an in-depth review of your situation to provide a solid base from which to move forward with success.

We will work together on developing a marketing process, goals and accountability to get your business to where it needs to be.

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