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In today’s competitive digital world an online presence is critical in order to convert your prospects to customers; engage your audience; and ensure that you meet your revenue goals.

Digital has changed the business landscape, and for many businesses turned the traditional sales process on its head, which is why some clients choose to engage us to develop their entire digital strategy. Other clients simply need help with a specific task, such as setting up a social media platform on ‘LinkedIn’ or ‘Facebook,’ or help with writing content for a blog as part of an inbound marketing campaign to generate new business leads.

To ensure that your brand reaches the largest possible audience, we develop targeted digital marketing strategies to help you achieve your business goals and make sure your business gets heard. We approach this in an integrated way by using an optimal mix of the services below:

Social media plays a vital role in building a company’s online presence, including creating conversations and building relationships with your prospects and ultimately generating leads.
Social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are a great way to increase brand awareness and increase traffic to your website by generating discussion with current and potential customers. In addition, under the latest algorithms, social media is important from a search engine optimisation (SEO) perspective too.

Search engines are putting more and more emphasis on social signals as factors for how high a site will rank in search engine results.

The design of your website is vital in terms of generating leads for your business. We can help you with the design process from the business perspective. We will work with you to develop a functional creative brief to make sure that the website works to achieve your business goals.
We can work with your existing website designers or we have a great pool of talent that we can access. Once the brief is complete and the designer understands your needs, we can also project manage the entire experience for you, allowing you to remain focused on your core business.

Email marketing is an effective and measurable way of reaching your contacts or existing customers. More cost-effective than any other direct marketing method, email marketing lets you tailor your messages to different types of customers, build customer relationships and drive direct sales.
We can help you build your existing database through a variety of ways such as inbound marketing techniques, running a promotion or attending a tradeshow. We can also assist you with segmenting your existing database or recommend a suitable marketing automation option – the possibilities are endless and we will review your options to find a solution that meets your business needs and budget.

Inbound marketing is a process that uses marketing activities to bring customers to you, rather than having to go out to get the prospect’s attention.

By promoting your company through interesting and relevant content such as blogs, videos and social media marketing, customers are drawn to your website. Inbound marketing initially earns the attention of potential customers and helps to continuously build your brand resulting in more qualified sales leads.

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We delivered digital marketing mentoring sessions to a diverse range of organisations each with differing needs.


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