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Sara Berry

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Originally hailing from London, I landed my first job in marketing and advertising in the late 80’s. My career began in the London Advertising playground, where a little wet behind the ears, I joined my fellow alumnae and entered the big agency world of JWT, Saatchi’s, Ogilvy, Collett Dickenson Pearce et al.

Advertising and I kind of matured together! Advertising was ‘growing up’ and art was meeting science, as customer behaviour was scrutinized, segmented and psycho-analysed. Copy and design were tested, and brands were given personalities’ and positioned as the customers ‘friend’ – and I was immersed in it all! It was an incredible way to cut my teeth in the industry. Those early days provided a solid foundation from which I built my career which, spanning some twenty years has included marketing for banks, health insurance, manufacturers, engineers, travel, non-government departments and soap…

I love to go camping with my family to the south coast.  Apart from marketing, my other passion is history and there is lots of it there, which I recently discovered when I researched and wrote copy for the Heritage Near Me app for the Office of Environment and Heritage. Did you know that Mel Gibson’s grandmother, Eva Mylott lived in Tuross Heads, she was a famous opera singer!

I love the wide variety of clients that I get to work with. From the local neighbourhood centre; to the large engineering company. I love to roll my sleeves up, get in there and work out what needs to be done to achieve the businesses’ goals. I believe that all businesses; small, medium and large deserve to have insightful and intelligent marketing to fuel growth and we work really hard to deliver that within the clients budget.  I know, from being in the profession for 25 years, that a good strategic marketing process is the foundation of commercial success and I am passionate about it!

Well, it’s not exactly an ad campaign, but I am quite intrigued by the ‘Coca-Cola 2020 content strategy.’ The video sets out the strategic vision for the future illustrating that Coca-Cola’s marketing future rests on the ideals of content marketing. The video states that Coca- Cola must work towards earning a disproportionate share of popular culture through telling stories and provoking conversations through ‘liquid and linked content.’

I need some new music!! Any suggestions welcomed…Right now I am listening to Flume.

‘The Fountainhead’ by Ayn Rand. First published in 1943 and set in the 1920’s and 30’s, The Fountainhead is the story of Howard Roark, an entrepreneur who struggles to achieve success on his own terms; its a story about individualism and creativity in business.

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