Case Study – Internal Marketing

Case Study

The Challenge

The sector in which the business operated was undergoing major changes, with their core business under threat from new market entrants.

The intensity of the competition, made it critical that clients were provided with excellent customer service at every touch point; online, in-store and at call centre level. This meant that all customer facing staff needed to be trained on the importance of developing positive customer experiences, in order to differentiate the business from the competition.

The Solution

An internal marketing campaign was developed in order to educate staff of the company’s vision to offer superior customer service in order to increase customer acquisition and reduce defection.

The internal marketing campaign included an extensive staff communication programme, fully backed by the CEO, outlining the vision and the employees role within that vision. The company’s vision included challenging targets and a number of new business objectives that had to be met.

Elements of the campaign included:

  • Sales and service training
  • Follow-up training manuals
  • Internal TV segments

The Result

As a result of the internal marketing campaign, staff were able to better understand customer needs and act accordingly, in order to build on customer relationships by delivering helpful, high quality service and assistance.

The campaign assisted in creating a positive work environment where people felt informed, empowered and motivated to deliver a positive experience for the customer.


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