Case Study – Strategic Marketing Planning

Case Study

The Challenge

We were approached by the business to assist in the marketing of a service improvement in order to expand market share within a niche segment and for the growth of an allied service.

What We Did

In order to determine the state of play both internally and externally, we developed a situation analysis. The process involved both internal and external analysis including interviewing key stakeholders, existing and defected clients and evaluating the external environment such as the political and economic factors that could influence the future of the market and the overall success of the services.


Marketing Sense were then able to present to the board on the current situation of their market place including barriers to entry, pricing options, service differentiation options, competitor weaknesses, market forecasts, demographic growth and potential unique points of difference for the service.

The situation analysis also included a detailed gap analysis whereby we identified key gaps in their existing marketing processes that were directly impacting revenue and we also identified key areas of opportunity that the business was currently missing out on.


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