Why you need a clear brand statement for your business

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As a business owner, you’ll be aware of the power of a good brand. That’s why you spent so much time, coming up with a business name and logo to represent what you do. However, as you may be coming to realise, a good brand is more than just a name and a logo.

Your values, mission, and purpose are equally important when it comes to branding. These drive your decision making, service offerings, messaging and more, which means they must be reflected in your brand to connect and resonate with your target market.

In today’s digital world, you don’t have much time to demonstrate your value to prospective customers. Your brand needs to be able to quickly convince them that you understand their problem, speak their language and have the solution to meet their needs, all the while differentiating yourself from the competition.

To truly attract the attention of your target audience you need to leave your prospects in no doubt that you have the solution to their problem. To create a compelling brand that truly cuts through, you need more than just a business name and logo. You need a clear brand statement.

What Is A Brand Statement?

A brand statement (also known as your value proposition) clearly and succinctly summarises what you do and why your target audience should choose your product or service. More than just a tagline or a slogan, a brand statement encompasses your mission, your market and your motivation, describing what you do, who you serve and why you’re different.

Where your brand identity represents the face of your business (your name, logo and tagline), your brand statement guides your brand identity. A compelling brand statement clearly sets out how you are different from your competitors, how you benefit your customers and how you’ll interact with them along the way.

While it sounds simple enough, creating a compelling brand statement is far from easy. However, it’s worth putting in the effort to develop a brand statement as it can deliver multiple benefits to your business.

How A Brand Statement Benefits Your Business

Helps Your Customers Know What You Do

The most obvious benefit is in providing clarity to your customers. An effective brand statement makes it easy for potential customers to understand what you do and how you could help them. This knowledge will cut through the noise of your market and go a long way to converting leads into customers.

Differentiates You From Your Competitors

If you’re struggling to differentiate yourself in a crowded market, a clear brand statement will help clarify your point of difference. Leading with this from the start will help guide your marketing and communication efforts, making your brand far more memorable to potential customers and attracting more attention.

Assists In Attracting The Right Prospects

Developing a brand statement will help you focus your efforts on attracting the right prospects, those customers most aligned with your mission and values. Clearly communicating what you do, who you serve and why you’re different will help you reach your target audience and increase leads, conversions and sales.

Increases Customer Engagement & Loyalty

Understanding your target audience and communicating how you serve them via a brand statement will put potential customers on the fast-path to liking, knowing and trusting you. This, in turn, will build engagement and loyalty as they continue to connect with your brand and align with your values.

Strengthens Your Messaging

Creating a compelling brand statement is key to strengthening your messaging and developing a consistent brand voice. It sets the tone for your language, guiding you on the optimal way to communicate and engage your target audience across all channels, encouraging interaction, conversation and sales.

Clarifies Your ‘Why’

The most important benefit that a brand statement delivers is in clarifying your ‘why’. Good brand statements are customer-focused and make it crystal clear what you do, why you do it and how it benefits your customers. As a business owner, you’ll have greater focus, clarity and purpose with a compelling brand statement at the ready.

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Examples Of Compelling Brand Statements

How do brand statements work in practice? The best way to understand is to study a few of the most compelling brand statements to gain insight and inspiration. What do they have in common? They are succinct, specific and solution-focused.

Brand Statement #1 – Apple IPod

“1000 songs in your pocket”

By choosing to centre their marketing on the benefits the iPod delivers to customers, rather than on the features (1GB of storage), Apple nailed their brand statement and delivered real value to their customers.

Brand Statement #2 – Evernote

“Your notes. Organized. Effortless.”

Focusing on the customer and their experience, Evernote created a brand statement that succinctly explains what they do, how it helps their customers and how they improve life for the better.

Brand Statement #3 – Slack

“Slack is where work happens.”

Simple and direct, Slack cuts to the heart of what their product does in this brand statement and how they improve workplace productivity. A simple statement of fact that speaks to their target audience.

How To Create A Compelling Brand Statement For Your Business

As we’ve discovered, a brand statement delivers multiple benefits to your business, benefits that simply can’t be ignored in this increasingly competitive world. The truth is until you are clear on your brand statement you won’t ever reap the rewards of your marketing efforts. Without it, you’ll lack the clarity, focus and direction you need to create a compelling brand.

So, how do you create a brand statement for your business?

That’s where Marketing Sense can help.

Over the last three years, I’ve helped over 300 businesses in their marketing efforts. Regardless of size, experience and resources, they all shared one common barrier to success – they did not have a clear brand statement.

This is why I’ve developed the Marketing Sense Brand Statement Worksheet to help you create a brand statement that will guide your business towards success, step by step.

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