How does this marketer eat the elephant? The truth on how I tailor a step-by-step client marketing system

As a marketer I spend so much time working for my clients and building free resources to share, that I often don’t make enough time for my business (my baby). Every year I give myself a big project, an elephant to eat, which I take tiny bites from all year long, I’m sure you do the same – we know that to accomplish something big, it’s always best to approach it in smaller pieces right?!

And in some respects, creating and writing this blog is a part of eating that elephant…

Earlier this year, when it came time to send my monthly blog to my subscribers, followers and clients, I realised I just couldn’t do it.

Nup. No. Wasn’t going to happen.

After years of pouring my heart and soul into my monthly blogs sharing my ‘from the trenches – direct from the coalface insights,’ I knew that I needed to stop hiding behind the  content I shared in my blogs and become the content of my blog – create a blog about me…

I like liquorice ? especially the hundred and thousand covered aniseed ones!

But when I am not lunching on liquorice, I spend a good deal of my day coaching my clients on how to communicate the value of their business to their customers. And this year I knew I needed to start practicing what I preach.

The time had come…for me…to eat the elephant – and tell you a little about me, and the value I bring into this messy world of ours!

Even though I have been a marketer all my working career, I don’t put myself ‘out there’ much – don’t get me wrong, those that know me, know that I am no shrinking violet – I am a marketer after all!

But my business is not about me – it’s about you…

I save my energy for you and your business and helping you to get yourself out there and tell your story – I am more of a wingman, right- hand woman, girl Friday – business partner for you, because this is about you and your success, right?

And besides I was born in Blighty and we Brit-Born’s tend to lean towards the deadpan self-deprecating and modest mode of behaviour, so its not really surprising that it’s taken me so long to step out into the spotlight ?

And because what I do is about you – is the very reason why I have never taken this step.

If you have met or worked with me, seen me speak, or present a workshop, you will know how passionate I am about helping people to unlock the real value of marketing.

Since I started on this business journey of mine, nearly 7 years ago this June, I knew that I wanted to do my bit to help business owners succeed in a hyper- competitive global economy. I knew that in this environment of the ‘mini and the monolith business,’ that success would mean having a solid strategy – a repeatable and easy to follow process – and the capability to deliver that strategy – and I work tirelessly to develop this alongside my clients.

When you work with me, you learn as you go – I deliver with you and for you  – it’s like a combination of ‘done for you’ and ‘do it yourself’ marketing.

But my end game is to always build your marketing capability, because I believe, now more than ever, in this digitally connected world that the customer is firmly in the driving seat. Your business success now and in the future is all about creating what your customers want – creating true value – firmly positioning your product or service in the mind of your audience and really engaging and emotionally connecting with your customers.

Marketing is a business process which should be a part of your business DNA – and my raison d’etre is to help you to achieve that.

It really is that simple for me.

After almost 7 years in business (and many amazing clients), I know that the value that I bring to my clients and their business is centred on working with them to build their marketing mindset. I work with businesses to understand and articulate the value that they bring to their market and customers and then show them how to consistently deliver and communicate that value to their clients and prospects to achieve success and sustainable growth.

Marketing Sense is different to most marketing companies because my goal is and always has been to be dispensable – Yep you read that correctly – that is and always has been my business model, has been since 2012! What that means for you, as a business owner, is we set a business goal together and then in working towards that business goal, we follow a proven marketing planning process, a process that is clear, easy to follow and makes sense – Marketing Sense! It makes so much sense that marketing really does become innate – part of your business and your DNA and you learn to do it without me.

Oh and of course – most importantly you learn how to do all of this and deliver a return on your investment at the same time. Yep – this whole process pays for itself ! (irl)

With every one of the businesses that I have worked with since 2012, which I should add have been from many and varied industries (from recruitment to packaging) with very different business goals (from I have a business idea – to my leads aren’t converting – to a new and hostile competitor has moved in – to my market has been disrupted), I have helped to build marketing capability and delivered strategies for success.
(I deliberately choose the word success here, because for some, success is not always growth).

So, there you have it, today I have bitten off a little more of that elephant (and shared a little piece of me, with you).

And if you need help wrestling your elephant to the ground get in touch for a chat – it would be my pleasure to help you.

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