No doubt like me, you are now (hopefully), heading into ‘the wind down.’

This time of year is not called the ‘Silly Season’ for nothing – that’s for sure!

For the past six weeks, I feel like I have barely been able to come up for air. Busy finishing off some projects, but also starting and delivering on a couple of new ones.

I absolutely love what I do and nothing gives me greater pleasure than helping out clients with their strategic planning and growth, but sometimes our modern lives do seem a little crazy…

The Christmas season with the holiday plans, parties, new year work planning, christmas shopping, and ye olde card writing, on top of all the regular day-to-day can get, well, hectic and stressful!

I have had Kylie’s, cover of ‘It’s The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year,’ playing on a loop, to force myself into ‘the spirit of things,’ as deadlines loomed…

Yes! I know, I relented and purchased a copy, despite saying I would most definitely not buy her cynical effort to boost her coffers! But she helped! So thanks Kylie…I guess!

Apart from Ms. Minogue’s budgie like-tones, which have been a total saving grace, my other champion, has been my great big wonderful whiteboard.

I am an incredible list maker, like Santa, I do love to make a list and check it twice and that final tick with the big black marker – nothing like it!

My prioritising has been focused on absolute essentials for this festive season. I have been using a new technique, I have learned, called ‘triage,’ which is essentially prioritising on steroids and it worked a treat…

Indeed it worked so well, that I found I had the time to write to you, so I can ask you this question…

Remember when you were a kid at Christmas time and all you could think about for days or even weeks, was Santa bringing you that jumpy space hopper, the new & improved changing colour Hot Wheels, the Buckaroo game or the latest Spirograph…

What do you think about now that you are an adult and you are the lucky one getting undies, socks and a hanky???

…Maybe now as a business manager/owner, some of your thoughts are around what you might do next year?

So I ask you…if there was one thing that Marketing Sense could do for you next year, what would it be?

Email us with your answer!

Have a great holiday season and see you in 2016!

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