It seems that more and more these days, I am asked to weigh in on digital marketing; social media, Ad Words, programmatic and SEO.  I believe that the major driver for businesses’ ‘digital fascination’ is, or should I say was, free marketing. Because many social media platforms have been free to use for such a long period of time, many of us, especially the early adopters, have been dining out on free lunches for several years, which has swayed our focus to digital, digital, digital! BUT those days are fast diminishing.

Nowadays, to get good engagement on most social media platforms, you need to pay.  On Facebook today, organic reach to your own, hard-won fans is about 10%, which is not good, especially if you are one of the brands that invested heavily in Facebook early on. Additionally, research has revealed that sharing has reached a peak, data shows that status updates have declined by 35% – but you probably don’t need me to tell you that!

So what now?

First, we take one big communal sigh, give ourselves a good talking to for being distracted by the bright shiny things, and we get back to the marketing fundamentals.

We take a long hard look at what it is we are trying to achieve in our business and set about using marketing strategies, which will achieve those objectives. Sure we may need to use some digital marketing tactics to achieve those objectives, I believe that social media adds to a customer’s total experience, but the whole premise of great marketing communications is based on coming up with a strong strategy.

Once we have a strong strategy in place, focused on delivering a really compelling value proposition to our client, then and only then, can we review all the potential tools at our disposal to deliver that strategy, one of which is digital.

Marketing has always been about the creation of a message and the transmission of that message over a channel to an audience. The same is true today, it’s just that we have two extra channels, internet and mobile. People do not distinguish between on and offline experiences, we zig-zag seamlessly through both.

At Marketing Sense we are impartial, we are neither digital nor traditional; we are human beings who know how to emotionally connect and engage other human beings.

Digital is Dead…Long Live Digital!

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