10 ideas for reconnecting with clients

I am working with a business at the moment that has this incredible database of clients, it’s enormous! HUGE!!!

The MD had been looking at buying a list for business development, and as I am not a fan of list-buying, I asked if he had a client database.

Well imagine my surprise when he showed me the goods. Sure it needed some tidying up and some closer inspection, but it contained many many great contacts that the company had already done business with over the years, I was excited!

So we got to work on the job of reconnecting with his clients, some that they hadn’t been in touch with since their last purchase over 4 years ago.

With Google on hand we began researching the businesses and people behind the names on the list. We were targeted and focused our approach using the 10 /10 trick (thanks James Altucher).

The 10/10 trick basically involves, finding 10 ideas.

This could be 10 ideas for social media posts, 10 ideas for how to get my dog not to bark at passers-by, 10 ideas for saving money…you get the idea.

In this case, we decided to find

‘10 ideas for improving my relationship with my clients.’

As I said, we prioritised the database first, based on a strict criteria that myself and my client agreed upon, and got to work.

Every day, for 10 days, we pulled 10 people from the database and researched them. We looked at each person’s LinkedIn profile, their company website, Facebook, news stories etc.

And then based on our research, we put together an email that included 10 positive ideas that the company (my client) could help them with – and let me tell you it’s working like a charm!

Its working so well, we are now training up the whole team to apply this simple technique.

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