Who are you? Why should I care? Why should I believe you?

These are the questions that sit at the core of all your marketing.

They sound simple enough but can you answer them quickly, clearly and compellingly…

Who are you?

Not only do you have to communicate the ‘who you are’ to your prospective customers, you also have to be heard above your competitors and also whatever other noise happens to be going on, you know…climate change, elections, Kim Kardashian’s bottom, the zika virus and the parent teacher evening.

So you need to create communication that grabs the attention of your target audience right away – inspire them to have that ‘they get me’ moment.

Use your brand and communication to stop your prospect in their tracks. If only for a second…

Why should I care?

This needs to address the prospects actual needs, you need to make sure what you are proposing has direct relevance and hits a nerve.

We know and understand how frustrated and fed up you are that you have to work late nearly every night trying to stay on top of all the changes to employment laws.  By engaging us for your hiring needs, we do all that for you.  Let us take away all that extra work and worry, free you from your desk and give you back your evenings.

You need to be relevant, original and truthful


To be heard above the noise <remember Kim’s bottom> you need to be intriguing enough to get the prospect asking…

Why should I believe you?

After you have convinced them why you think they should care, you need to prove yourself.  This is where you gather the evidence to be credible and make them take action.

This is where you pack a suitcase full of proof points.

  • Your brand – the way you look, speak and behave
  • Awards
  • Statistics
  • Lists of customers
  • Testimonials
  • Case studies
  • The team’s credentials

You need to prove your claim, demonstrate it every day, in everything that you do, show how you deliver on it.

In answering these questions, you can begin to tell the story of your business, why it works when other solutions (your competitors) fall short. Invest in telling the story of your business and the problems you solve, at every opportunity.

When you know the answers to the questions, you can hard wire them into all your marketing communication and use them to guide all your communications.

Your potential client should be able to see and get a sense of the answers to these three questions across all your marketing and communications; from your website, brochures, social media, emails and even your greeting at the door.

Help your potential client to believe you…every step of the way.

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