Making the Most of Your Existing Client Base

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The pressure to continually secure new leads and attract new clients can sometimes blind you to the value of your existing client base.

I’ve seen this over the years with some of the businesses I’ve worked with, in particular, businesses who’ve contemplated list-buying in an attempt to quickly build their email list.

Now, I don’t believe list-buying is a viable strategy as you’re essentially paying for a lucky dip of contacts, with no guarantee of a return on investment. But, that’s a topic for another day.

What struck me most in these situations was the fact these businesses were so driven to build their list, they forgot the value of their existing client base. In some cases, we’re talking about businesses with an incredible database of clients, some who had not been contacted for years!

From my point of view as an experienced marketer, it doesn’t make sense to put so much effort into finding new leads if you’re ignoring the goldmine sitting right in your lap. Because, that’s what your existing client base is – a goldmine of information and potential.

If you’re feeling under pressure to secure new leads and continually add to your email list, it’s time to stop and appreciate the value of your existing client base first.

So, how can you reconnect with long-lost clients? How can you make the most of your existing client base?

Let me introduce you to the 10/10 trick (all credit to James Altucher for this one!)

Using the 10/10 Trick to Reconnect with Existing Clients

The 10/10 trick is all about encouraging creativity by coming up with 10 ideas on a particular topic. It can be 10 ideas on anything – 10 ideas for new products, 10 ideas for getting the most from your investments, 10 ideas for happiness. It really is as easy as that.

So, what does finding 10 ideas have to do with reconnecting with your existing clients?

Well, start by focusing on 10 ideas for improving your relationship with them. What can you do to reconnect and rekindle your relationship? How can you communicate your services effectively? Come up with 10 ideas and write them down.

Then, take the rule of 10 further by targeting 10 clients at a time and identifying 10 ways you can serve them. Here’s how it works:

  1. Think about your current relationships and come up with 10 ideas for how they can be improved. Can you provide more specific information, tailored service packages or valuable resources to your existing contacts?
  2. Once you have your list of 10 ideas, it’s time to review your existing client list. Use Google to identify the businesses and the people behind the names on the list, removing duplicates and contacts who are no longer relevant.
  3. Prioritise the database using strict criteria to identify your most promising prospects. For example, you may decide to target contacts based on their location or choose contacts most likely to get value from a specific service.
  4. Use your prioritised list to start reconnecting with your existing clients. Every day, for 10 days, pull 10 people from your list and research them, using LinkedIn, Facebook, their website, news stories, etc., to understand their needs.
  5. Based on this research, draft an email identifying 10 ways your business could serve their needs, focusing on the positive benefits they’d receive from working with you. It’s a tailored, personal and very effective approach to reconnecting with old clients.

From experience, this is a highly effective way to reignite relationships and encourage further dialogue. It’s been so effective, I’ve helped train entire teams to use this simple technique for themselves!

The 10/10 trick is perfect for businesses of all sizes, regardless of how many existing clients you have. So, if you’re struggling to find new leads and increase your email list, take a break and instead concentrate on the clients you already have.

You might be surprised at how effective this strategy is in driving business and reconnecting with your already warm leads!

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